Case Study

Digital Twins - Coventry University Estates

Digital Twins bring all the Technology and Data available within and from built environments to create an active model that can be used to trial new operational practices and models in safe environment.

Hadeed S. Saadoon – Coventry University Estates Digital Services BIM Manager is running a project to create a Digital Twin of the entire University Estate

Coventry University are participating in the DT HUB by the Centre of Digital Built Britain.  The are working on a case study to showcase the development of Coventry University Digital Estates as an example of a project that can be developed into a Digital Twin.

The Digital Estates of Coventry University is being developed to manage building information more efficiently, reduce operational costs and provide accurate building and asset data for all estates and university stakeholders. While it is still in early stages of development, it contains large amounts of data that feed into a number of systems and links are being developed between those systems to allow for data integration. The current data sources that make up its main elements include models, systems and data sets that are seeds for the digital twin vision and are yet to be fully integrated.

Reaching this stage of having those essential elements prior to looking at integration was not easy and came with a lot of challenges including unstructured legacy data and multiple systems that weren’t linked. Procedures had to be developed to support this work for organization information management, Asset information management, Building identification and space numbering and Estates Data Management. A case study is being developed as the project progresses.