Case Study - ExcelRedstone - Why does a services team need Technology?

ExcelRedstone have provided us with a case study of how they can manipulate space usage with such agility that will require on tap control of Building Services to match that agility.

Workspace Utilisation Case Study

With over 30 years’ experience, ExcelRedstone are pioneers of smart building integration - designing, building, optimising and supporting workplaces. They provide a platform called DeskQUERY that manages space utilisation and workstation allocation.

DeskQUERY’s solution for a major Global Investment Bank Client


A global financial services company faced pressure across several buildings in its extensive London campus following a restructure. With the In-house Property team engaged, the goal was to optimise space efficiently and progress a campus strategy that met the needs of the new business model. DeskQUERY™ was used extensively to help plan the process & to evidence space allocation and desk usage.

The Challenge

In line with Government guidelines, our client operated an essential staff only policy throughout their UK & Asia offices. Office utilisation was recorded with DeskQUERY™ and showed desk usage was reduced from 70% to just 2% during the peak of the crisis. It was critical that the staff who were required to work were accounted for and the services that were essential to their safety and well-being were in place.

In order to determine a strategy it was essential to identify where space was allocated and what usage that space had. The overlay of space utilisation onto heatmap floorplans, as well identifying current and planned allocations graphically, made the complex process seamless and organised. The toolset being friendly made flexible scenario plans possible and several iterations were played out until the optimal plan was scripted, agreed and subsequently implemented.

With lease exits looming a desire to deliver a solution that centralised usage into strategic sites was progressed, the campus strategy addressed building capacity with allocations of space optimising the locations,

 Our Solution

A relocation and allocation strategy was determined using the DeskQUERY™ toolsets and opportune savings were made by condensing locations, where sites that were not required in the new model were closed.

Post delivery of the complex implementation, DeskQUERY™ was used to determine Workplace usage in the new environment to ensure the correct desk ratios were allocated to departments, teams, etc. Usage is continually monitored to ensure growth and contraction are addressed with a “finger on the pulse of the business needs” approach.

Ironically, from initially being relied upon to maximise space usage, the toolset is now being used to ensure space isn’t maximised or overcrowded. With the remodelled campus, 3 London buildings were exited, and around 10,000 desk moves implemented to achieve the new strategy requirements. With desks costing as much as £15K per year, savings were in the region of £150 Million!

The Legacy

The DeskQUERY™ toolset is still deployed with this Client with daily usage stats and patterns being reviewed for various reasons, most recently as assistance for the COVID-19 response.

Thanks to Monique Moss - Manager at ExcelRedstone for supplying this Case Study